Stefan Schilling

Certified Expert Solicitor Labour and Inheritance Law

  • Born 1970
  • 1991-1993 Bank Trainee/Financial Assistant Deutsche Bank, Mannheim
  • 1993-2000 Law Studies, University of Heidelberg, Germany, 1st/2nd state exam, articled clerk at Landgericht (District Court) Mosbach
  • 2000 Licence to Practise Law (admittance to the bar)
  • 2003 Certification for specialisation in Labour Law
  • Since 2003 Solicitor at law firm baumert & vigano
  • 2008 Certification for specialisation in Inheritance Law
  • Author of lectures “Common Labour Law Mistakes”, “Industrial Constitution Law”, “Inheritance, Guardianship, Power of Attorney”
  • Member of Law Society Mannheim and  Federation for Inheritance Law of German Solicitors Association     


Key Legal Areas:


Inheritance Law

Labour Law

Tenancy Law

Contract Law

Traffic Law